Why should waste be treated?


Rapid economic development and population growth are having a negative effect on our environment. Daily tons of waste are generated which require proper management. Low collection coverage, haphazard transport services, and a lack of suitable treatment and disposal facilities are responsible for unsatisfactory waste management, leading to water, land and air pollution, and for putting people and the environment at risk.

Moreover, the quality of water has deteriorated over the years due to uncontrolled discharge of raw domestic and industrial waste water, as well as agricultural run-off. In many cities, only a fraction of the waste water generated and discharged into sewers actually reaches the treatment facilities, as sewers are silted up because of poor maintenance and pumping stations are faced with unreliable power supply. It is essential to address these issues and provide adequate waste management facilities along with an extension of services to prevent environmental degradation.

At Tatva, we believe in the importance of sustaining the balance of nature and therefore are committed to being a complete solutions provider for environmental problems. We are dedicated to providing innovative waste management services to maintain a high standard of environmental care.

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Solid waste can broadly be classified into two categories.

Water Supply Management

Throughout the developing world, the provision of water supply ...

Wastewater Management

Urban water supply and sanitation are important basic needs ...


Waste-to-energy or energy-from-waste is the process ...